The Art of the Bar Cart

Let’s get shaking! Be sure your bar cart is up for the task with your go-to libations on deck. Start with great bases like Tito’s, fresh fruit, and timeless Navy Hill Soda and Tonic mixers. Still stuck? See more tips on creating the best bar cart with our favorites below:


Steady Sippers

The first rule of a home bar is keeping your favorites on hand. From there, you can build out a solid bar with just a few basics to meet most drinkers’ fancy, or go all out with the full monty.

The Basics: Vodka, Whiskey, and Navy Hill Soda + Tonic

The Upgrade: Rum


Set of 6

Glassware will vary from cart to cart depending on your offerings, but keeping a small variety will ensure your guests are getting the most out of their cocktails.

The Basics: Martini glasses, Rocks glasses, and Highball glasses

The Upgrade: Wine decanter

Grand Garnishes

Craft cocktails are known for relying on the natural flavors found in tasty embellishments. Keep a few in the fridge to take your bar cart to the next level.

The Basics: Olives, Lemons, and Limes

The Upgrade: hot sauce

Tools of the Trade

Keep your bar at the ready to mix, mash or mingle with a few chic tools. Whether you’re keeping it simple with the necessities or outfitting your cart to the nines, choose classic tools that work well and stand the test of time.

The Basics: Cocktail shaker, Corkscrew, and Bottle opener

The Upgrade: metal straws

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